Administering multiple steroid doses not helpful for preemiesAccording to a study, pregnant women at the risk of preterm delivery and being administered with multiple doses of steroids are at an increased risk of giving birth to babies with low birth weight and a small head circumference.

It is worth noting here that a single dose of corticosteroids has been considered to be the standard form of care since the last many years when it comes to reducing the chances of infant mortality, respiratory distress syndrome and bleeding in the brain. Moreover, repeated doses to women at the risk of preterm birth have been considered to be useful.

Study lead author Dr. Kellie E. Murphy, who is with Mount Sinai Hospital’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in Toronto, Canada, said that a single steroid dose to women at risk of preterm birth still holds good and these study results would conclusively stop practitioners from giving multiple courses of antenatal corticosteroids.