So interestingly I saw a study today on drunk driving…alcohol as DIRECTLY (with proof) KILLED over 17,000 (proven with drug blood tests)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released data showing there were 13,470 deaths in 2006 involving drivers and motorcycle operators with blood alcohol levels of .08 or higher, which is the legal limit for adults throughout the country. The number was down slightly from 2005, when 13,582 people died in crashes involving legally drunk drivers.

The overall number of deaths involving drivers and motorcycle operators with any amount of alcohol in their blood was 17,602 last year. That was up from 17,590 in 2005, according to spokeswoman Heather Ann Hopkins. 


Overall deaths proven from STEROID USE (so far) 0! people can claim a few wrestlers died from steroids, but it’s false.  JUst check their speed, pain killer and coke stash and you’ll know that steroids had nothing to do with it.

So the official count:

Alcohol Deaths: 17,602
Steroid Deaths: 0

WINNER: Alcohol
that has “legally” killed more people in one year then some cities have as a whole populous!