ALEX RODRIGUEZ RECUPERATES FROM HIP SURGERYYankees star, Alex Rodriguez, who dominated the sports news recently after admitting his use of steroids, is now recuperating from his recent hip surgery at the snow-capped Rockies. It was reported in the last two weeks that A-Rod had a hip injury that formed into a cyst. Rumors circulated that the cyst was due to his administration of performance enhancing drugs, which he confessed of doing in 2001-2003 while he was still with the Texas Rangers. However, doctors said that there was no evidence of the cyst related to Rodriguez’s steroid use. It was not at the injection as some had suspected.

Rodriguez was operated on by top sports surgeon Dr. Mike Philippon who said that the cause of the baseball stars cyst developed due to a tear found in the labrum. Rodriguez is now recovering at a luxurious cabin at the Cascade Village.

It was reported that prior to his surgery, Rodriguez had gone around local restaurants, had some beer and pizza and signed some autographs.

The Steadman Hawkins Clinic is a state of the art medical facility where Dr. Philippon operated sports stars Greg Norman, John Elway and Dan Marino.