Alex Rodriguez Used Steroid Since High SchoolNew York Daily News reports that Alex Rodriguez must have been using steroids since high school. This practice is believed to have continued even during the time he joined the New York Yankees. These details were based on the book on Alex Rodriguez, written by Selena Roberts.

According to the report published by the New York Daily News, there was a former high school teammate of Alex Rodriguez who confessed that the “slugger” took steroid even before he was drafted as the number 1 pick. This high school teammate did confirm that even their coach at that time knew about it. However, this allegation was initially denied by coach Rich Hoffman.

The book also illustrates that there are two other Yankees who believed that Rodriguez was using prohibited drugs based on the physical side effects. It also included the statement of one clubhouse staffer who told that Rodriguez may be juicing.

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees third baseman, is currently rehabbing in Phoenix with a private trainer.