Anabolic Steroids helpful for HIV patients!Medical sciences have hailed yet another good news, this time for HIV patients. A review portraying 13 studies carried out on adults of 24 to 42 years of age suffering from HIV has revealed that those administered with anabolic steroids for six months has showed considerable increase in their muscle mass. The magnitude of weight gain was clinically relevant and hence anabolic steroids has proved to be of great benefit for such patients.

The review is seen to have appeared in the latest edition of The Cochrane Library publication, an international concern involved in medical research. It is however based on evidence concluded after several medical trials based on it content as well as its quality.

AIDS wasting which leads to considerable loss of weight in people suffering from HIV can lead to acute muscle weakness as well as organ failure. This eventually leads to shortened life span. The wastage of stems caused from loss of body’s development of muscles, is primarily due to lower levels of testosterone.

Hence Anabolic steroids play the role to accentuate the growth of this male sex hormone which eventually leads to the growth of skeletal muscles and male sexual characteristics. Though some steroids have been banned for usage by athletes, most of them have a legitimate application, particularly for men with low testosterone levels and those suffering from certain type of anemia.