Androgen Level Does Not Determine Women Sexual DysfunctionAn Australian study stated that low sexual function in women can’t be diagnosed just by looking at the level of circulating sex hormones such as testosterone. According to Dr. Susan Davis, there are no clinically significant relationships between low scores on a psychometric test of sexual function and serum total testosterone, serum free testosterone, or androstenedione.

The only link that researchers found was between low sexual function and low levels of the androgen precursor dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS), but this is not useful diagnostically. This is because although women who self-reported sexual dysfunction had low DHEAS, most women with low DHEAS had normal sexual function.

Researchers claimed that much of the androgen function in the body takes place within cells; circulating androgens, such as serum testosterone, may be a poor marker for what happens within tissues. They suggest that sex steroids influence female sexual function, but there is no serum androgen level that defines female androgen insufficiency.