NFL-steroidsIt is of no wonder why many believe the National Football League is the premier sports organization in the United States which has the most number of players who take anabolic steroids.

Another NFL player has bitten the dust for using these banned compounds. Cincinnati Bengals’ linebacker Darryl Blackstock was suspended for violating the league’s policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances.

“I’ve apologized to my coaches and teammates for an unfortunate mistake,” Blackstock said. “I did not intentionally violate the policy, but I know it’s my responsibility to use only approved nutritional supplements, and I didn’t realize I was taking an over-the-counter product that included a banned substance. I also want to apologize to our fans, and I’ll do everything I can to be ready to come back strong next month.”

Apologies accepted, disciplinary action imposed. Blackstock has been suspended for four games

Early this month, Dallas Cowboy’s practice squad receiver Mike Jefferson was suspended for the same violation. New Orleans Saints’ Jamar Nesbit, meanwhile, was also suspended late September for same infringement. Both Jefferson and Nesbit received four-game suspension without pay.

The NFL’s statistics on steroid use is also the reason why many don’t believe Tony Mandarich when he denied he had used steroids during his lackluster career in the NFL. Mandarich stated he had only used steroids during his Michigan State days. C’mon, not using steroids while playing in the NFL? That’s like hearing Michael Jackson saying he did not undergo rhinoplasty while visiting his cosmetic surgeon!