Anti-doping advocate and French former professional rider Christophe Bassons has questioned the ethics of Chris Froome and Team Sky.

Bassons also issued a warning that rejection of Lance Armstrong by the cycling community may have dire consequences. The former French professional rider said he does not want to hear that Armstrong has been found hanging from a ceiling, because he thinks it is possible. Bassons, who was nicknamed ‘Mr. Clean’, said he sees comparisons between Team Sky and US Postal Service team. A key adversary of Armstrong, Bassons claims that the use of therapeutic user exemption certificates by Team Sky riders is no different to using the blood-boosting drug, erythropoietin (EPO).

Bassons, speaking in Leeds for promoting his updated autobiography – ‘A Clean Break’ – said it was wrong for Chris Froome to race in Tour de Romandie using a therapeutic user exemption for an asthma medication. Froome was not violating the WADA or UCI rules but Bassons says he believes Team Sky and Froome have been exposed compromising their principles. Bassons remarked doping is about eliminating all obstacles to win a race and added that the fact is Froome has shown his mentality by taking this product, he had a problem, he was ill, and he took this product and he eliminated the obstacle to him winning. The former rider went on to remark that Armstrong said he had been tested 500 times and never tested positive and this is the same mentality guys have got today and they just don’t want to test positive.

Bassons remarked it is not about where the authorities draw the line, because people thinking about that are also only thinking the priority is not to test positive. Bassons said he may see unfavorable comparisons between Team Sky and the US Postal Service team that ‘prospered and dominated’ under the leadership of Lance Armstrong. Bassons, a member of the Festina team that was busted for carrying doping products in a team car just before the start of the 1998 Tour de France, earned the nickname ‘Mr. Clean’ because of his refusal to dope. He got into an infamous confrontation with Armstrong during the race after Bassons remarked the peloton was riddled with drug cheats.

Bassons also remarked Team Sky has definitely gone against a lot of received knowledge in the sport and there were a lot of things we thought weren’t possible and they’ve shown that they are possible. The rider added they have a collective force like US Postal had as they communicate with people like US Postal did and they seem to produce riders who don’t have any muscles and are very powerful.

Team Sky principal Sir Dave Brailsford said we set out to try to win this race with a British rider and ride clean and we’ve achieved that. Brailsford added we are a clean team, we play by the rules and we are happy that WADA is happy with us and we are happy that the UCI is happy with us.

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