Armstrong Contrition Doubted By Steroid Supplier

Founder of sports nutrition center BALCO, Victor Conte, says he believes Lance Armstrong will not own up to his involvement in the operation that helped him stayed at the top of cycling and win seven Tour de France yellow jerseys.

Conte, who served time in prison in 2005 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids to Dwain Chambers and Marion Jones and money laundering, said it is time the cyclist admits his own guilt after his elaborate blood doping operation was uncovered. Conte who is known for having provided performance enhancing drugs to Olympian Marion Jones and sprinter Tim Montgomery, and some baseball and football players and boxer Shane Mosley now espouses clean performance and serious drug testing for the athletes he works with, including boxer Nonito Donaire. He remarked that Armstrong certainly didn’t invent the drug culture that exists at the elite level of sport but he could be the very best to ever play the cat and mouse game of doping. Conte further added that the cyclist is simply one of many athletes involved in the drug culture that has existed for over five decades in Olympic and professional sport.

The 41-year-old Texan rider was accused by the United States Anti-Doping Agency of using and encouraging the use of performance enhancing drugs like EPO and steroids to win titles. Many of the former teammates including Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis accused Armstrong of spearheading the doping program that saw the US Postal Service team get to the top of all.

For Lance Armstrong, glory and fortune came real fast after he won first yellow jersey in 1999. His superhuman accomplishments and the fight against cancer made him a hero for millions of people worldwide. His dizzying ascent to the top of the sport with cheating at every step of the way was unknown to the world at first and Armstrong and his teammates were able to attract legions of money and fans while everyone who opposed his “doping” ways was bullied and those who questions his ways were chastised.

Lance Armstrong showed once again the perils of hero worship to the world and why one is only as good as his or her worst moment. The cyclist who was seen as a hero and stopped at nothing to stay at the top of the podium has fallen down. The man who was a rising and an ambitious star on the American cycling team was actually never in the race even to compete with the top tier of cyclists on the steep mountains. His spectacular fall from grace has stunned one and all and the game of cycling can only go better from here. It could not be anything worse and a new start is all it needs to get things back on track and restore the confidence of the fans. The game and its anti-doping strategies badly need a revamp and it is time that the cyclist admits that what he did to get on the top of cycling records was not right.

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