Armstrong Was Clean After Comeback, Believes Schleck

Andy Schleck, who was retroactively awarded the 2010 Tour de France win last year, says he believes former American cyclist Lance Armstrong when he said he did not dope after his comeback.

Schleck remarked he is confident that Lance was clean there because he beat him and, he mean, Armstrong won seven Tours de France titles. The Luxembourger finished runner up at the Tour de France three times and was handed the 2010 win when Alberto Contador was stripped of the title. He remarked Lance cheated in these seven tours but still he won these seven tours and so Lance still was a good rider and he made his comeback and got beaten the first year by Alberto and him.

In a televised interview this year, Lance Armstrong admitted that he had cheated his way to seven Tour de France titles by using banned performance enhancing substances. The cyclist, who has vehemently denied all allegations all these years, however denied any doping on his return from retirement in 2009.

The culture in cycling had changed and some of the comments made by Armstrong had been encouraging in that regard, remarked Orica-GreenEdge rider Simon Gerrans, who was defending the Tour Down Under title. The Australian said the fight against doping is an ongoing battle and he does not think any sport will ever be one hundred percent clean because people cheat–that’s human nature. Gerrans added but in saying that, he thinks one of the positive things that come out of Lance’s confession was that he did mention that the biological passport that has been in place now for several years, basically it made it impossible for him to do the things he was doing in the past – to cheat and win the Tour de France.


Cycling commentator Phil Liggett said Armstrong’s tears while he was discussing the impact of the lies on his family were probably genuine enough. He added he believes the only reason he’s come clean, except for the fact that he’s been forced to come clean, is that he would love to race again and he’d give anything to do that. Liggett added he doesn’t think at the moment he’s done enough to be given a relief on his life sentence, because we need to know names and how he managed to trick five hundred controllers throughout his career.

BMC rider Philippe Gilbert remarked he doesn’t think it’s important to talk about Armstrong and added he thinks we are just looking forward to starting the season and to finally speaking about sport. Gilbert added this is part of the story of cycling of course, but this is the past and we just want to see something different now.

Armstrong recently said the lifetime ban on him was like “death penalty” and cheaters other than him were given lighter punishments. Armstrong said he was wrong and the ultimate crime is the betrayal of these people who support me and believed in me and they got lied to. He remarked the penalty he was given by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) was much harsher than the sanctions dished out to other self-confessed cheats.

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