arnolds-anti-steroid-campaignWhile nobody really knows exactly when he used anabolic steroids, everybody knows that then-bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger had used these performance enhancing drugs at one point in his career. This is a fact that he has not hidden although back in those days, steroids were still legal and that is why the actor turned governor has not been reprimanded. Arnold is viewed by many as the man who has the perfect body. He did this by working out, sticking to his diet and, of course, using steroids. The actor claimed that he used the drugs to help him maintain his gain and not to produce the muscle gains per se. At present though, Arnold is starting his advocacy against steroid use.

As ironic and borderline hypocritical as it may seem to some, the reasons this man has are within normal boundaries. Who wouldn’t go to such lengths for the youth, right? It seems like Arnold understands that the youth look up to professional athletes as their idols. It is these athletes responsibility to direct the youth towards a better, healthier path by acting like the proper role models they should be.