Asthma Symptoms eased by inhaled corticosteroidsAccording to a new review of recent studies focused on comparing inhaled corticosteroids and cromolyn, the two asthma treatment options, inhaled corticosteroids are better than cromolyn.

It was suggested that adults and children with asthma can breathe deeper along with exercising a better control over their asthma. It was concluded during the study that patients on inhaled steroids fared better when it comes to lung function and using less of their “rescue” inhalers, according to James Guevara, M.D., of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and colleagues.

It was concluded by Guevara and colleagues that inhaled corticosteroids were far better than cromolyn, irrespective of the severity of the asthma and it was suggested that the obtained results are so decisive that future studies to be focused on such a comparison again are not warranted.