Barry Bonds finally got a blow from legal troublesIt seems like the strecthing of Barry Bond’s trial period did not bring any good news for the star. Bonds’ legal troubles could bring him down both in contracts and public popularity. Despite displaying some of the best offensive talent in baseball history and breaking record of Hank Aaron’s most home runs, Bonds failed to win the hearts of baseball fans just because of his current legal problems.

According to SportsNation view Aaron still held the position as the home run king, though no team approached to sign the aging slugger. Bonds would be a great replacment over the other designated hitters, but most of the teams seem to be unwilling to deal with him in the current scenario.

However, these concerns are somewhat irrelevant in front of Bonds’ actual legal problems. But it doesn’t mean that the situation will not have an adverse effect on his celebrity quotient as Bonds’ trial period can coincide with the MLB season. It possibly becomes a distraction for the entire game season.

Barry Bonds was booked under the charge of giving false satement to a federal grand jury about using performance enhancing drugs and in this matter trial period was going on and on. According to the latest court hearing, the trial period would now start in July.