Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort, the Brazilian mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, has been the subject of heavy scrutiny and multiple controversies in the past and has found himself again in a controversy.

A special investigation has revealed the UFC 12 Heavyweight Tournament Champion tested positive for elevated testosterone in the state of Nevada just less than three weeks before fight night with Jon Jones at UFC 152 in Toronto. A document has revealed that the free testosterone levels of Vitor Belfort were two and half times high above the average for a man his age. This news emerged after the results that were supposed to be sent via email to three UFC executives were accidentally sent “to a group of 29 fighters, trainers, and managers,” including longtime MMA manager Monte Cox.

The UFC immediately went into damage control mode and sent another mass email that ordered the unintended recipients to delete the emails. The special investigation was penned by Josh Gross. A prominent fighter who saw the results came to the conclusion that Belfort had cheated and that the UFC had covered it up, according to Gross.

The special investigation had revealed that the administered test of Belfort on September 1, 2012 by Dr. Pierce measured 1038 nanograms of testosterone per deciliter. A person in the age range of Vitor Belfort is more likely to be in the 700s. His free testosterone levels were clearly elevated as the acceptable range listed on LabCorp metrics—standards vary between laboratories—is 8.7 to 25.1 picograms, or a trillionth of a gram, per milliliter while Belfort’s free testosterone registered 47.7 pg/ml.

The manager of disgraced pound-for-pound Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Jon Jones said Jones was not happy with the hidden positive test result of Belfort. Malki Kawa, the manager of Jon Jones, said Jones is very angry about this. Jones defeated “The Phenom” inside Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada via fourth-round submission. Jones is angry because the UFC knew of the results and failed to disclose them to the Jones and the public. Belfort, a known user of performance enhancing drugs, injured the elbow of Jones in the fight.

Welterweight champion Ben Askren came in support of Jon Jones. Askren compared handling of the Belfort result by the UFC to the UFC 182 pre-fight test for cocaine metabolites of Jones, a test that was never supposed to be made public. Askren said it is hilarious that Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine in a test which he should not have been tested for as they are not supposed to test for recreational drugs outside of competition while Belfort tested positive for a substance, or was over the limits for a substance he wasn’t supposed to be using, and that was covered up.

In June 2014, Belfort had admitted that he tested positive for testosterone levels outside the therapeutic range in February. Following the drug test, all Testosterone Replacement Therapy exemptions were abolished by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the Brazilian mixed martial artist withdrew from his UFC middleweight title bout with Chris Weidman.

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