HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural peptide hormonal agent that is today available in the form of supplements to individuals experiencing the lack of it. Use of these HCG supplements is associated with extraordinary muscle mass and size gains without limiting on the muscle definition.

HCG is consistently recommended to generate ovulation and cure ovarian conditions in women besides being suggested to hypogonadal men as part of the testosterone replacement therapy. It is also suggested by doctors for treating undescended testicles in young men and providing a signal to the testes for maintaining testicular size and condition. The use of HCG stimulates metabolic rate of the body besides showing usefulness for burning fatty substances into calories. This benefit is incredibly useful for melting bulges.

HCG use is also associated with muscle growth and stamina, red blood cell, performance, nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and muscle function improvements. Human chorionic gonadotropin is also effective in stimulating the hypothalamus gland to control cravings for junks and deeply fried foods.

HCG is commonly used with anabolic-androgenic steroid drugs for enhancing weight training results and keeping improvements over a period. Since HCG stimulates the testes to produce more of androgenic hormonal agent or testosterone, this medication is popular among athletes on severe and aromatizable steroid drugs who have been experiencing deficiency of testosterone. In addition to all these benefits, HCG is also useful in normalizing cholesterol and the hypothyroid glands. It is considered that HCG use shows incredibly beneficial for individuals experiencing serious health problems such as arthritis, joint problems, cartilage damage, or cervical problems. HCG is the best medication for increasing sperm count, making men more fertile, and helping them experience dramatic transformations by losing fat and weight besides facilitating faster recovery for muscle soreness after workouts.