I believe this is the future of steroid use in the world.  Steroid users will be prosecuted, pulled over forced to take a pee test or worse arrested for not wanting to take one.  Imagine, a cop pulls you over and just because you’re “big” makes you take a drug test for steroids ? Don’t be surprised if that’s the future.  With all the talk about steroid abuse in the media, anabolic steroids have become a “deadly habbit” WITHOUT proof they actually harm anyone! How ironic… don’t test meth heads or close crack houses , let’s test the guy who works out and eats right!

It’s interesting how this is happening in Sweden, it means it’s going to start happening in the USA very soon!  Don’t worry, get ready for it…


A Stockholm, Sweden, police officer forced a muscular man to take a drug test, claiming his “abnormal” muscle mass implied steroid use.

Tomislav Boduljak said he and a friend were speaking to a female police officer and her initially friendly demeanor changed when he mentioned his workout habits, The Local reported Monday.

“I asked if she didn’t think it possible that I work out a lot and eat well. She said that if someone looks like me, she assumes they have taken drugs,” he said.

The officer said in her report that Boduljak had “unusually large muscles, particularly large arm muscles, which are a sign of steroid use.”

She forced Boduljak to accompany her to the police station and take a urine test. The results came back negative and Boduljak filed a complaint about the officer, but prosecutors declined to press charges.