Shane Mosley steroidsAnother trainer has bit the bullet and snitched on his client. Former trainer of Boxer Sugar Shane Mosley has come out saying that Shane Mosley used steroids before fighting Oscar De La Hoya in 2003. Although he has no proof, he is throwing wild accusations about Mosley about steroid use and use of EPO. EPO is not a steroid, it’s a blood doping drug. Long story short, this is steroid witch-hunting without any proof.

Boxer Sugar Shane Mosley’s former trainer and the mastermind behind a sports doping ring claimed in court papers filed Friday that they watched Mosley inject the endurance-boosting drug EPO in the weeks before a title bout.

Trainer Derryl Hudson and convicted steroids dealer Victor Conte said they both saw Mosley take EPO during a meeting in which Mosley was told the benefits and risks of performance-enhancing drugs and how to use them.