bso-is-possibly-facing-another-steroid-scandalJust when the police departments in different areas appear to have more and more officers testing positive for steroid use, the Broward Sheriff’s Office of Palm Beach has yet another steroid hurdle to overcome. Recently, sixteen of its members– fifteen deputies and one civilian employee– have been under investigations for suspected steroid use. The sixteen were taken off their duties in the road and were assigned to office and paperwork while investigations on them are still ongoing. The sixteen were also asked to take a drug test last Friday. The results of which are still being processed.

Back in 2004, the same office faced a scandal when one of their deputies by the name of Todd Fatta was shown to have anabolic steroids in his system after the toxicology section tested him after he was shot during a raid. The next scandal was when eight of BSO’s employees were found to have used anabolic steroids which were all bought from a company known as PowerMedica. The eight were not punished because they were able to produce prescriptions from their physicians. Unfortunately, the lack of further investigations during that incident might have also meant a go signal for other members to take these illegal prescription substances. Sheriff Al Lamberti shouldn’t show such leniency to his deputies because it might give the wrong signal of tolerance to such practice.