Children with Kawasaki's disease can benefit from steroidsAccording to a study that was published in an issue of Pediatrics, steroids can prove their real worth when it comes to reducing damage to the heart in children with Kawasaki’s disease.

This study was quick to highlight knowledge gap among members of the medical fraternity for treating Kawasaki’s disease since the present guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that there is little evidence for suggesting the effectiveness of steroids for treating children with Kawasaki’s disease and reducing damage to the heart.

Stephen Aronoff, MD, lead author of the meta-analysis and Temple University School of Medicine professor and chair of pediatrics, said that a multi-center study will be more than useful in justifying steroid treatment benefits for Kawasaki’s disease.

The study also brought forward recommendations being made available for the standard treatment of Kawasaki’s via aspirin and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG).