Performances in the lead-up to the London Games are getting hampered because of meat-free diets imposed on Olympic athletes outside their training camps, according to Chinese coaches and officials.

Athletes of the country have been ordered to reduce the risk of accidental doping from clenbuterol-tainted meat by steering clear of pork, lamb, and beef.

The ban on meat products came from the sports ministry of China this year after a warning from the World Anti-Doping Agency about contaminated meat in China and Mexico. The state news agency Xinhua reported that all 196 athletes had not eaten pork, which is a staple food for Chinese, for 40 days.

A patriotic pig farmer in Jiangsu province donated three tonnes of untainted pork to his country’s athletes after hearing about the ban earlier this year saying that pork offered by him is free from clenbuterol as he feeds his pigs with corn, soybeans, and wheat brans.