Concerns about anabolic steroids use are slowly on a riseOver the past 18 months, Turning Point’s Smart Muscle sessions have drawn 270 men, half of whom had not previously utilized anabolic steroids.

Most of them learn about Smart Muscle from acquaintances or at the gym and would otherwise rely on their supplier for information; they buy their phials from friends, their gym or online.

The clinic offers advice on nutrition and how best to work out. That sways several that they do not need any chemical help. Nevertheless, if a customer wants to go ahead after learning about potential side effects and the risks of purchasing counterfeit substances, the clinic suggests on dosage and explains how to inject into the muscle as safely as possible. Smart Muscle also offers liver-function tests and sexual health screening.

More people are taking anabolic steroids and that the profile is switching to people who are not competitive sportsmen. They are doing it because of peer pressure, the media, and for some there is an economic drive.

Fifty-four anabolic steroids are already controlled substances, legal to possess for private use, punishable to supply. The Home Office, however, is consulting on adding another 24 to the controlled list.