Cuban for steroids as long as with valid medical reasonAccording to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, he is not so against steroids as long as it is prescribed by a doctor. He said that as long as it is used for a medical reason such as recovering from an injury, it is administered under proper supervision and it does not have any long-term damage, then steroids should not be totally shunned from the world of sports.

Numerous big-name athletes have been involved in steroids controversy these past few years, but Cuban believed that steroids use in NBA is not yet widespread.

Cuban and his team were in town to play against Cleveland Cavaliers at the Petersen Events Center. He visited the William Pitt Union’s campus, where he graduated, wearing a Pitt basketball shirt. He was there to answer questions and speak in front of hundred of students.

Questions posed to him by students ranged from his days at the Pitt, his appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”, and NBA Commissioner David Stern’s decision to fine him with $1.5 million for criticizing NBA.

According to him, his fines were well spent since it led to improvements in the league. Cuban became a billionaire through his Internet-related business dealings.