Daniel McDermot - a life’s lesson of steroids useMr. Anaheim, Mr. Orange County, Mr. Muscle Beach and Mr. Venice Beach, these are just some of the titles won by 55-year-old Daniel McDermot. In 1982, he won the American Cup Championship and held the title for the next six years.

McDermot started lifting when he was a freshman in high school. By the time he was in junior year, he was competing in actual bodybuilding competitions. His first victory was in 1971, when he placed second in Teenage LA. He started using steroids at 19 years old.

According to McDermot, steroids during that time were legal. It is just like taking vitamins. Among the steroids, that he used was Dianabol or Methandrostenolone.

He retired from bodybuilding competition in 1982, also stopping from using steroids.

After seven years of quitting from steroids, he suffered a heart attack. Although cardiac problems run in his family, steroids played a role by advancing the disease.

Now, with a long red scar running down his chest, McDermot coaches his son and some high school and college students for free.

Many young students come to him for advice about taking steroids and other supplements. His usual reply to them involves showing that long red scar on his chest.