deuce-mcallister-steroidsIn the continuing NFL doping (or should we say ‘masking’) saga, New Orleans Saints’ veteran Deuce McAllister finally talked about his case. The running back is one of the still undetermined number of NFL players who have reportedly tested positive for the diuretic bumetanide.

Right after Saints win over San Diego in London on Sunday, McAllister himself admitted that he is one of the players under investigation for violating NFL’s policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

“We’ve been kind of going through this process for a while,” McAllister said. “I guess you guys just found out about it at this point. But whatever happens, that’s what’s going to happen. We’ve hired counsel. He’s going to do his job to kind of put the case together and however the NFL rules, that’s the way it will be.”

McAllister is probably referring to David Cornwell, a well-known sports and entertainment lawyer. Cornwell has been a former lawyer for the league and has handled similar cases in the past. He has confirmed last week that he is representing some of the players implicated in the current NFL controversy. Cornwell has declined to name his clients except for Bryan Pittman, the 31-year-old long snapper for the Houston Texans.

“Bryan did everything humanly possible to comply with the NFL steroid policy, including obtaining doctors’ written authorization to take weight loss medication. He did not use steroids,” Cornwell said Monday in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

“Thus far, the only violation of the NFL steroid policy is the breach of Bryan’s absolute right to confidentiality while his appeal proceeds. Whoever is leaking this story is attempting to put their thumb on the scale (of) justice to harm Bryan.”

Other players who have been identified in various media reports include McAllister’s teammate Will Smith as well as Viking’s Kevin Williams and Pat Williams.

Under the NFL’s steroid policy, a player testing positive for prohibited compounds can be suspended for four games.