cro cop dream japan


For those who don’t know, DREAM 1 is a combination of K-1 and Dream Stager Entertainment group (former Pride owners). Hence, it’s DREAM 1. After selling PRIDE to UFC for almost 100million USD and UFC shutting down PRIDE; PRIDE owners are back in full swing with the new MMA organization DREAM 1.

Cro Cop fight:

Cro Cop faced a no name opponent Tatsuya Mizuno in Japan in his 1st DREAM 1 fight. It seems he couldn’t cut it in USA, after 2 losses in UFC, cro cop decided to be a pussy and move to Japan and fight a fighter who’s about the caliber of (3 MMA fights! lol 2 he lost). Don’t need to tell you that crocop won in the 1st round.

WINNER : Mirko Crocop (1R 0’56″ KO)

Cro Cop and steroids:

We noticed CroCop looked a lot bigger at the DREAM 1 event then in UFC. He was bulkier, but leaner and faster! It’s amazing that he couldn’t compete in USA, maybe the testing got him. Crocop is obviously using anabolic steroids, and probably using HGH to recover from his injuries.