East Providence Police Busted A Steroid TraderIt is a rare case to have steroids busts in East Providence; this is according to Sgt. Diego Mello, East Providence Police. But on April 2, the East Providence arrested Paul Thomas Reis for possessing more than $2,500 worth of steroids.

Prior to the arrest, police said that they had Reis under surveillance after an informant tipped them about Reis selling anabolic steroids and marijuana. Evening of April 2, while the police is observing the actions of Reis, they noticed that he stopped for a while at a certain address in Edward Avenue when he left the area; he was asked to pull over due to a vehicle violation. Reis admitted that he was on his way home to smoke marijuana, so the officers asked his consent to search his residence.

During the search, police found a briefcase containing multiple brands of steroid compounds – 80 Tamoxifen 10 milligram tablets, 33 ampules of 250 milligram Testosterone Enanthate, 257 Methandienone tables, 358 Stanozolol tables, five bottles of Nandrolone Deca, one bottle of Boldenone, one bottle of Sustanon, and one bottle of Andropen 275. Additionally, they found five receipts from the Medfast Compounding Pharmacy, Pittsburgh, Penn., 25 3ml/22ga syringes and a .22 caliber Davis Industries Derringer handgun, which was reported missing in 2003 at the Plymouth County, Connecticut.

Reis is facing multiples charges on illegal possession of steroids and marijuana, and another count on possession of a firearm.