Effects of Anabolic steroids to your heartAnabolic steroids seem to be a staple when it comes to bodybuilding. Many athletes take anabolic steroids to increase their muscle mass and maximize whatever gains they have obtained. For those who join bodybuilding competitions and strive to win prestigious awards, they are willing to use insane amounts of growth hormones and insulin. Sometimes, users tend to justify their AAS use one way or another.

Numerous studies have already been conducted to establish the ill effects of steroids use especially in long term cases. Some of the short term effects include increased aggressiveness or “roid rage”; acne; faster hair loss; changes in libido; impotence; decrease in sperm production in men; gynecomastia and bloating. These short term effects, aside from the hair loss are usually reversible upon stoppage. It could also lead to stunted growth of bone plates in adolescent users.

Its long term effect to the heart is something to ponder upon before starting on any steroid cycle. Heart muscles tend to grow faster upon AAS use. However, heart vessels could not keep up with this rapid growth and this would eventually cause death to heart muscle tissues. Aside from this, increased water retention could cause hypertension which could lead to heart attacks.