EXPERT’S ADVICE: MCMAHON SHOULD PREPARE TO FACE MEDIAAutopsy results for Andrew “the Test” Martin’s death will be released two weeks from now and Vince McMahon receives advice on how to handle the possible media onslaught. Martin’s demise is the latest in the series of steroids-related deaths in the WWE. Wrestler Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son then he took his own life. Eddie Guerrero, died of a heart attack which was also attributed to his long term use of steroids. With Martin’s death happening at the height of steroid scandal in the world of professional sports, McMahon can only do so much to keep the media mayhem at bay which could probably be worse than what he had gone through with Benoit.

McMahon and WWE should start planning on some damage control especially since Martin’s death would definitely put them on the center ring. Media vs. McMahon and WWE. And this time the WWE can’t rely on their muscles to knockout the opponent. When it comes to the steroid issue, the media can be pretty vicious.