The steroid probe into signature pharmacy has finally been halted.  It seems that signature pharmacy was operating withing legal limits.  It provided a blood  test and a doctors’ consultation to the patients, which is legal of drugs being prescribed.  Thus, the users who did buy steroids and HGH are not legally responsible for that aspect.  So a judge is finally doing the right thing.


An update on the steroids probe that is stretching all the way from Albany to Florida.
Down in Florida, a judge has ruled that the people who are accused of buying steroids must be notified that their prescription records were seized as part of the investigation.

Those buyers will then have 30 days to object to their records being used in court.

Until then, police are barred from looking at the documents.

This ruling will indefinitely postpone the investigation.. .but the Albany County DA remains optimistic.

Spokesperson Heather Orth says, “This won’t have an effect on the case prosecuted in Albany. Current indictments are based on an investigation that is independent of the signature search warrant