Former Miss S. Dakota talks about steroidsFormer Miss South Dakota 2008 Alexandra Hoffman says performance-enhancing drugs are harmful and at the same time illegal.

Being an athlete herself, she thinks that taking performance-enhancing substances is a form of cheating.

What is more concerning about steroids use is that it is not just related to athletics but ordinary young people also take it to lose weight, relax, build muscles or just enhance their overall body image.

Anabolic steroids and HGH are just two of the common performance-enhancing substances. However, other substances such as caffeine, diuretics and alcohol are being taken excessively by athletes.

Sometimes, athletes try to mask their steroids use during mandatory drug testing by taking another drug such as diuretics.

In the case of  HGH, it is quite hard to detect it since the body produces it naturally. The varying amounts of natural HGH on each individual makes it more difficult to detect.

Hoffman emphasizes that using these performance-enhancing substances brings unpleasant side effects such as mood swings, jaundice, hepatitis, depression and even tumors.

She cited Lyle Alzado, a graduate and an ex- football player of Yankton College, who attributed his brain lymphoma to long-time steroids use.

Think about not only the short-term effects of steroids use but also the long-term effect it could have to your body, Hoffman added.