F.P. Santangelo SteroidsIt seems that now F.P. Santangelo is being treated as a hero for admitting steroid use. The former Giants baseball player was caught in the Mitchell Report (a waste of government taxpayer dollars) as a steroid user. He did something no baseball player has done, the told the truth. He came out and said he used anabolic steroids, and he was sorry for it. Everyone makes mistakes, and we give great honor to F.P. Santangelo for having the courage to face the public misguided ignorant wrath about his steroid use.

The fallout from the Mitchell report continues. Barry Bonds can’t find a job. Roger Clemens is embroiled in lawsuits. The responses from those implicated have been familiar: (1) file a lawsuit, (2) claim you took a tainted supplement and (3) above all, deny, deny, deny.

But at least one person managed the mess differently. F.P. Santangelo has provided a tutorial to baseball on what to do when caught in a steroid scandal.

Here is his shocking tactic:

“Just tell the truth.”