Alberto Salazar, who was recently accused of promoting doping within his team, has been accused of allegedly hiring a private drug-testing company to make sure that his athletes would not trigger a failed test.

The Telegraph reported Salazar repeatedly applied for permission to use medications that he did not need during his career as an elite runner. In recent weeks, Salazar, who coaches Mo Farah, has been accused of violating multiple doping regulations, including exploitation of the therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) system without medical justification for giving a distinctive edge to his athletes. It was reported by the British daily that the association of Alberto Salazar with suspicious exemptions actually dates back to the 1980s when he used to allegedly put in regular applications for health conditions he was deemed not to suffer from.

In the recent past, many of his trained athletes have alleged that Salazar encouraged them to do the same. The Telegraph reported an external company was hired by Alberto Salazar to find out whether anything that runners in his Nike Oregon Project were taking would result in a doping breach.

Don Catlin, one of the world’s leading anti-doping experts and the founding father of drug-testing in sport, recently revealed a report commissioned by Salazar was shown to hum not long after the Nike Oregon Project coaching facility was established in 2001. Catlin said he was asked to review a list of drugs tests that somebody had requested from a company that did testing and added that person was Alberto Salazar. It is not clear whether the report revealed any failed values or exactly which of the athletes of the coach took part in the testing though it was before the time when Mo Farah joined the camp.

Catlin, who developed the first anti-doping facility of America, said he was initially alarmed by the conduct of Salazar when he was a member of both the US Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee in the 1980s. Catlin said Salazar who was a professional long-distance runner would repeatedly attempt to apply for medical exemptions so that he can use restricted treatments for conditions that he deemed him not to suffer from. Catlin said Salazar tried to get a TUE for all kinds of things when he did not there was any reason and he denied all of them.

Recently, BBC’s Panorama alleged that Alberto used his son Alex to apply testosterone gel to find out how much would trigger a positive test. Steve Magness, Salazar’s former assistant coach, said Alberto putting testosterone on his son was ludicrous. A joint Panorama and ProPublica investigation accused Salazar of numerous doping offences, including encouraging his runners to flaunt the system regarding prescription drugs and plying Galen Rupp with testosterone when the athlete was 16.

A former Nike Oregon Project massage therapist revealed that Alberto Salazar used to warn his athletes not to touch his bags as he feared contaminating them with his testosterone gel. Allan Kupczak, who left the camp in 2011, said he found many vials and drugs in the bags and room of Salazar.

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