Good news for retired athletes who consumed steroids and stayed activeAccording to a paper presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Session, it has been revealed that professional footballers who have large body size are not prone to any risk of cardiovascular disease. However, the message was presented in a cautionary as well as hopeful tone but there certainly is good news for retired pro footballers.

Even though many pro footballers are known to have consumed steroids during their active years, it does not increase one’s risk of developing such a disorder. The study was conducted on a good 201 former NFL players in Dallas, Miami, Atlanta and San Francisco.

The condition of these players were then compared to those at the Dallas Heart Study and the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study in which the Coronary arthrosclerosis was determined with the help of digital tomography measurements of the coronary artery calcium. The research brought to light that there is no difference in the amount of sub-clinical levels of arthrosclerosis in the ex-footballers as well as the ones kept in controlled environment. In this research, even the ethnicity and the lineman status was considered. This means that 46 percent of NFL players and 48 percent of Aerobic Centre Controls had no difference in the CAC scores or cardiovascular risk factors.