pharmacy_steroidsThe name Applied Pharmacy Services is not new to local news. The Mobile-based online pharmacy was found to be illegally marketing anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs over the internet. They had sold over a thousand doses of steroids to several individuals throughout the United States. Some of the steroids prescribed and dispensed are for veterinary use only, and some of the clients that the pharmacy sold to were less than 21 years old.

Among the 12 arrested, six pleaded not guilty to illegal distribution of steroids and improper prescription. The six were Samuel Kelley, the president and CEO of APS, Jason Kelly, a part-owner of the pharmacy, and 4 steroid dealers who recruited registered physicians. Three doctors have also been identified to have participated in the conspiracy. Only one among the arrested has pleaded guilty.

Corliss has agreed to return $12,000 he had received during his work. He will be paying a fine of more than a quarter of a million dollars, and will be serving some jail time of three years.