Gregg Valentino Has New Approach On SteroidsGregg Valentino, the man who according to Ripley’s Believe It or Not has the world’s largest biceps, no longer encourage the illegal use of steroids. Based on the interview conducted by ESPN, Valentino said that there is no way the world can seize or stop people from using different forms of performance-enhancing drugs.

He also added that steroids are not the only performance enhancers, cortisones and caffeine are also few of them. He also stressed out that he does not blame celebrities and athletes who seek the help of steroids to look healthy and youthful. Gregg Valentino also told the media that he does not agree with how the public scrutinize performance-enhancers, specifically steroids.

Valentino also disagrees with how many people label those athletes using steroids as cheaters. According to him, these people just want to perform well since they are paid in million dollars. He compared using steroid with that of having cortisone shot and LASIK treatment. According to him, if using performance-enhancing drugs is cheating, then having laser eye treatment is also a form of cheating since it enhances or improves vision. Valentino said that he wants to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger and inform the public about the facts and myths of steroids.