HALL OF FAME ELUSIVE FOR SANTODid the steroids controversy hurt Alex Rodriguez’s chances to make it at the Hall of Fame? The same question is asked by Ron Santo, top third baseman in the National League for about a decade. He made it to the ballot thrice, one in 1980, another several years after that and the last in 2002. Only three third basemen have made to the Hall of Fame and only Eddie Matthews, a future Famer, exceeded Santo’s career home runs.

Ryne Sandberg, Chicago Cubs’ Hall of Famer, said that more than anyone else it is the deserving players that are affected by the issues on steroids. He couldn’t understand why the candidacy of Santo was overlooked. And he’s not the only one, Tony Oliva and Gil Hodges are in the same boat as Santo.

Billy Williams, Santo’s former teammate, that the writers are more influenced by the numbers that they have outshadowed the star players of the past decade.

In the end, Santo accepts the fact that Hall of Fame might not be for him and that he shouldn’t let the Steroids Era affect how lives his life.