hank-aaron-steroidsHank Aaron, although a bit out of his league with reality, is pretty much saying steroids don’t work. From the real understanding, there is an idea that steroids help your performance, but that’s marginal. The truth is that the best steroids in the world wont make you a GREAT athlete, that comes with talent, heart, training and ambition. Hank Aaron is saying that anabolic steroids or even HGH have nothing to do with being great in the game. Psychological factors like being better might come into play, but reality always shows that anabolic steroids only help you marginally, the rest comes from your inner struggle to be the best in any sport. In any sport, whether it’s baseball, football or even golf, 90% of who you become is your training and dedication, the rest can be attributed to just about anything.

“If somebody can tell where it says if you take steroids it will help you hit a baseball, I wish they would tell me,” he said.

“I don’t think it does. I just don’t know what it does.”