steroids high school girlsIt’s kind of a shame, but just when the media was getting our positive thumbs up for reporting the truth about wasteful steroid investigations by congress, the media let us down with an idiotic story about high school girls on steroids. It seems they wanted to report about the 1-2 girls (that’s right 1-2 girls) in a school of over 1000 students that used steroids. The girls were so stupid as to just pick up anything and use it, they didn’t care to research anything. Women shouldn’t use steroids, just like men don’t use tampons! it’s just common sense. The news fail to mention the 200+ girls in the same high school that are estimated to use marijuana almost on a weekly basis, and at least 450 girls who have been caught smoking and drinking alcohol almost daily. Methamphetamine use in the school was ignore , estimated at least 50 girls in the school use it. Instead of all the real problems in this high school and high schools all over the nation, the media decided to do an article on the 1 girl who was using steroids, come on!

So, the girl said, she had to buy steroids from her football team buddies then she took them to look lean and great. Probably injecting some testosterone without even thinking for 10minutes or using her brain. She did absolutely no research about anabolic steroids, and had no brains to go to and type in effects of steroids, let’s give her some help in researching steroid abuse:


Women experience a different range of steroid side effects. The first is virilization which is the appearance of male secondary sex characteristics in females such as increased body hair, clitoral hypertrophy and a deepening of the voice. Another steroid side effect for women is a ceased or decreased menstrual cycle.

Let’s face it, this girl not only didn’t know about steroids but also had no clue about life. She didn’t bother to research anything and jumped in the water, but let’s ask, where are the parents in this? why didn’t they raise the daughter to understand how to deal with life. Anabolic steroids get blamed on a lot of nonsense, when in reality the steroids had nothing to do with the problem related.

So, she took what seemed to be an easy route to a better body: she began using anabolic steroids. “It seemed like the ultimate answer,” she said, adding that the drugs — bought, she said, through a friend on the school football team — were “ridiculously easy to find.”

can you ask her how much easier is it to find Methamphetamine or marijuana that’s rampant in her school? we rest our case!