HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS UNAWARE THEY ARE USING STEROIDSMore and more people are becoming aware of the dangerous effects of steroids. The use of performance enhancing drugs had been exclusively in the field of professional sports. However, because high school athletes are also subjected to the intense pressure of winning and staying in the game, the use of steroids among teenagers have become alarming.

In 2007 an alarming number of 580,000 high school students, majority are athletes, have been known to be taking steroids. This is according to the survey done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are students who know that steroids are illegal but many more are unaware.

Despite the numbers that appeared in the survey, drug tests that were conducted in the states of New Jersey, Illinois, Texas and Florida did not reconcile. In the four states alone out of approximately 30,000 high school students only 20 came back positive. The drug tests were eventually dropped in 2008 because it was costing the government so much money at $200 per student. If the CDCP’s survey reflected the alarming numbers the method of testing them could be flawed. Or the survey is not accurate. Either way the numbers are saying something.

To prevent the epidemic of steroid overdose to spread among teenagers there should be a campaign to educate them on the harmful effects of performance enhancing drugs.