Hollywood Actor Trades SteroidsAthletes and bodybuilders are not the only ones who are being bombarded with steroid controversies. Previously, “Batman” actor, Christian Bale has confessed to the media that he was tempted to use steroids, though he never pushed through with his intention.

Today, an actor of the movie “The Wrestler”, Scott Siegel gets his share of the steroids anomalies. He is charged of possession and distribution of steroids; and a count of assaulting law officers. If Siegel will be found guilty, he will face 45 years of imprisonment.

Possession, use and trafficking of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs are prohibited by the U.S Federal Law due to its potential adverse side effects and health hazards. However, steroids are readily available through online shops. These are the usual sources of athletes, bodybuilders, celebrities and illegal traders.

Steroids are compounds that are used to enhance the process of muscle formation, thus produce a beefed up physique. Unregulated use may lead to several side effects such as increased aggression, acne formation, excessive sweating, low testosterone production, sexual dysfunction and decreased libido. In some cases, steroids convert into female hormone which can cause the enlargement of breast tissues among male users.