lol, Anthony Roberts comes out with yet another hilarious parody of steroid message forums.


Ok…after you register, you need to personalize your account. Here’s how you do it…

Avatar: This is where you put a picture of a girl you think is really attractive, but who you have no chance of ever meeting, much less dating. Alternately, you can use a photo of two girls kissing (again, remember, these MUST be 2 girls you will never have any kind of chance with, ever).

Location: Put something witty here. I like “Location: Location, Location” and thing like “Under a Squat bar”, “Training” or “With your mother/sister/dog” …anything clever like that is perfect. Just don’t put your actual location. That would be lame.

Country: We pretty much know you’re from an English speaking country, but just to show how clever you are, pick some obscure country that doesn’t even speak the language you use in your posts. That’s really witty.

Signature: This is where you really show us who you are. And how could you possibly better show us who you are than by putting a quote from someone else in your sig?! Put something really witty here, from someone famous. It’ll let us all know how clever you are! Hey…you didn’t say it, but you can repeat it, right?!?

(Bonus Points: If you are staff on some shitbag message board other than the one that you’re setting up your account on, put every staff position you have in your sig. Also, even though there is a Personal Message system on every site on the ‘net, use your sig to put your e-mail address on display. It will show us all how important you are!)