Human Growth Hormone In Tablet FormHuman growth hormone or more commonly known as HGH is naturally produced by the pituitary gland. However, due to some congenital abnormalities, HGH must be taken intravenously by some patients. It requires a doctor’s prescription and is considered as one of the most expensive drugs in the market today. A leading supplier recently announced that HGH factor is now available in tablet form. This breakthrough proves to be a lot cheaper than its injectable form to as much as 80%.

It is proven to furnish the same advantages as the injectable form, among which includes anti-aging properties, a more tightened skin, muscle enhancement, better sleeping patterns, a higher rate of metabolism and a significant decrease in body fat which results to weight loss.

The supplier further stated that HGH pills are actually analog steroids but still provides the same effect as anabolic steroids and is legal for personal use in the whole of United States. It should be made available in the market by September 1, 2009.