bb-steroidsIt has been a week since the disputes on Kirk Radomski’s book, “Bases Loaded”, began  coming out. There have been so many factual errors in what he has written that even Sen. Mitchell and Major League Baseball had to release more accurate accounts. This time it is Brian McNamee, the chief accuser and Roger Clemens’ former trainer that gave out a statement contradictory to a passage from Radomski’s book. According to Radomski, McNamee bought steroids from him and had informed him that he injected Clemens with the steroid Winstrol. During his appearance for his deposition with committee investigators, McNamee had a different account than the steroid dealer.

Even if McNamee is the more important witness and that they could probably let go of Radomski, the cooperation of the two is essential in swaying the jury to believe the accusation against Clemens. According to a former federal prosecutor, the contradictory statements of McNamee and Radomski would hurt the perjury case and would give Clemens an uncalled for advantage. Ever since the release of his book, Radomski’s credibility has been put into question. The defense can use even the slightest inconsistencies to plant some doubt in the mind of the jury.