INHALED CORTICOSTEROIDS FOR ASTHMA PATIENTSAsthma patients generally depend on the inhaling steroids for the immediate relief from the attack. Now these steroids may or may not be effective, it entirely depends on how the body reacts to it and to how much level it gives you the relief. Also the body needs to be strong enough to withhold the essence of the drug. Although, even a healthy child can sometimes; react in an uncontrolled manner towards the steroid.

Studies from Child Asthma Management Program Continuation Study (CAMPCS) showed that out of 914 children when tested on the inhaling steroids, 20%of them had less likely to get attacks than the ones who weren’t recommended for steroids. It was also found that some children were less responsive towards the inhaled corticosteroids for some reasons one such reason was genetically based.

In addition it was also a difference seen in the reaction the way adults and children respond to such steroids. Children were much benefited by it rather than adults. Moreover, as stated by researcher Gregory Sawicki, M.D. of Children’s Hospital in Boston, that due to medical adherence and complexity in controlling asthma in a patient, the severity of the disease takes the charge which respond differently to the steroid consumed.