From an e-mail they sent out. I think it’s actually kind of funny that they are under the impression that the “goverment” is not under the correct impression regarding the nature of peptides, and that they’re going to work “dilegently” to elucidate matters.

As if the Feds would knock on someone’s door if they didn’t think they had a case, or didn’t understand what a particular type of drug is. Anyway, here’s the e-mail IBE/Innovative-Research has sent out to their customers:

Dear Innovative Research Customer,

We wanted to update all Innovative Research customers about our current End of Summer Sale shipping delays. We had a very large response to our End of Summer Sale and were experiencing some shipping delays. Unfortunately, we have also now been effected by the recent “Operation Raw Deal” enforcement efforts. There is nothing to be alarmed about as the only reason Innovative Research has been contacted in this enforcement is due to the IGF and peptides we currently sell. It seems as though the goverment has an incorrect impression of the nature of IGF and the peptides we and other similar companies are selling. We are working dilegently to resolve this matter and want to assure eveyone not to have any worries about receiving their orders.
We ask for all customers to be patient because everyone will receive the orders they have paid for. Anyone of our customers who were with us during Hurricane Katrina know that we honored every order and did not stop until every order was accounted for and with this National Disaster we will do the same.

Thank you for your patience,
Innovative Research Admin