IS THE NBA ON STEROIDS TOO?With the expose on steroids use in baseball, can’t basketball be far behind? Should fans worry that their favorite NBA stars are also into the performance enhancing drugs? But based on some reports and interviews conducted with some NBA players, they are giving a hint that steroids have penetrated the court. Maybe they have for quite sometime now but no one inside have said anything or maybe paid attention to the players who actually use them. With the Major League unearthed so many secrets behind the media’s watchful eye some expect NBA to produce their own Alex Rodriguez.

Stephen Jackson seems to be the “it” guy for NBA. An interview done by Janny Hu for the San Francisco Chronicle revealed that Jackson had a new regimen that he said would improve his performance on the court.

The interview proved to be revealing. The strength gain, the added weight, enhanced speed, and even the aggression is an indication that Jackson could be in steroids. Or is he?