Jose Canseco steroidsJose Canseco is just non stop.  Jose Canseco gave up anabolic steroids, so he’s using HCG, but then again does he have a brain.  Why would he bring HCG over the border from Mexico when you’re on of the most recognize steroid users in the USA?  After Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco is probably the most notable figure in steroids and baseball.   So why is he brining PCT (post cycle therapy) drugs over the border? is he still using anabolic steroids? obviously he is.  Has he not heard of the internet? obviously NOT! he could have easily gotten HCG over the internet from a pharmacy delivered to his home.

What we cannot understand is why does Jose Canseco need to use anabolic steroids? does he not understant the mounting political and media pressure on him to be in the public light?  It’s obvious he doesn’t understand the consequences of steroid use in the public eye.  He would rather buy steroids over the border in mexico and bring them back, then use his brain and order anabolic steroids online.  It was very obvious that Jose Canseco was/is also using human growth hormone (HGH) and probably some IGF-1 or MGF.  It depends on how much he can smuggle over the border.

The realistic situation about Jose Canseco is not going to change, as he is arrogant.  Jose Canseco doesn’t think he can be touched after his book exposing so called steroid users in baseball and sports.  Jose Canseco forgets the criminal penalties in USA for steroid use, especially since he’s a big media figure – they will make an example of him.