jeff-monson-josh-barnettJosh Barnett will fight his long time friend Jeff Monson at Sengoku II in Japan. World Victory Road (WVR) is suggesting the fight will happen on May 18, 2008. Barnett is going to fight the guy who he was training with for years, Monson, because WVR couldn’t set up a match with him and another top heavyweight.

Sengoku II will also see Kevin Randleman take on Ryo Kawamura (confirmed match), while Roger Gracie is only said to be a valid fighter on the card with no opponent announced.

Josh Barnett – Jeff Monson and Steroids:

Josh Barnett tested positive for steroids before, so has Jeff Monson. In fact, one of the reasons Josh Barnett stopped fighting in the USA is because of his failure to pass drug tests, mainly for anabolic steroids. We don’t need to discuss Jeff Monson further then he’s a career time steroid user, who’s better off fighting in Japan where there are no drug tests.