kent-steroidsWhile some Major League Baseball athletes have turned to the use of anabolic steroids in order to reach the top, other great players have shown their love for the game by staying clean. Jeff Kent is the epitome of the latter. Kent has been an advocate of MLB steroid testing throughout his career. When he was giving his retirement speech last week, he even commended the Major League and the players’ union for the developments in the drug testing policy.

Kent has been quoted several times by other supporters of anti-steroid programs such as Bud Selig and Sen. George Mitchell. For Kent, though, the battle against steroids and illegal drugs shouldn’t stop with what the committee now has. The tests could be much better. Kent even suggested adding blood tests to the routine urine samples taken from athletes since more drugs will be detected.

Kent is proud that he has treated the sports he loved with the respect it deserves. He is a winner in all aspects of the game and he has never cheated. His accomplishments, both in the field and outside, could give him the chance to put his name in the Hall of Fame.