List of 2010 WADA banned substances out by January 1According to World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) President John Fahey, the 2010 list of banned substances reflects scientific advances.

Among those added in the list is the stimulant found in cold medicines, pseudoephedrine. According to the agency, the substance showed performance enhancing effects beyond certain doses.

The agency has been monitoring its use for the past five years, particularly the over-the-counter drugs Chlor-Trimeton Nasal Decongestant and Sudafed.

WADA will provide information and education about the use of this over-the-counter medicine. A urinary threshold was also set by the agency for this particular drug.

Salbutamol, an anti-asthma drug, will be allowed in minimal presence at the time of testing. Instead of requiring a Therapeutic Use Exemption, it will require a declaration of use.

“Blood spinning,” a process wherein platelets are segregated and injected into the area of injury to speed up tissue healing was also prohibited if administered through intramuscular injection. Other methods of administration will require a declaration of use.

However, supplemental oxygen, which was one prohibited, is now allowed by the agency.

During WADA’s executive committee meeting in Montreal, Fahey said that the annual revisions are founded on expanding anti-doping knowledge and continuous understanding of doping practices and trends.